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Have you ever heard the phrase "starving artist". That's something I don't want to be. I prefer to work with a full stomach.

You're probably wondering why you should donate to me. The reason is simple. Running a website is not cheap. Even with cheap or free hosting, I still have to pay for the domain name, the equipment to keep the site up to date and pay to keep myself alive. You can't expect me to provide free content and survive off of nothing.

I'm not asking for you to pay my bills. I'm just asking for a few bucks every now and then so I can keep the site up. Donating is completely optional so don't feel pressured to give me money. If you do decide to donate, I will appreciate it greatly. If you want to help me without donating, You can always share this website with your friends, family or fans to spread the word. That would help a lot.

If you want a little bang for your buck, you can try commissioning me to make you an artwork in exchange for a little moolah. I'm not officially accepting commissions yet but money talks.